What’s Emerging Onchain?

Emerging Onchain demystifies the African crypto scene with data, written content & intimate events.

Our work aims to reduce the siloed knowledge that currently exists in the space. Our data-driven approach to documenting crypto and its adoption in Africa will enable local and foreign investors, operators and founders to make more informed decisions about the space.

The Emerging Onchain ecosystem

Emerging Onchain Newsletter

  1. Emerging Onchain This Week: A fortnightly series that provides a concise but comprehensive overview and analysis of the key news, updates, data and trends in the African crypto scene.

  2. Emerging Onchain Data Deep-Dives: A monthly series with graphics and deep dives on data relating to the African crypto scene.

  3. & more coming soon…

Curated databases

Emerging Onchain offers curated databases including our database of all venture-backed African crypto startups, how much they have raised, when and who backed them.

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Intimate events

Community is everything at Emerging Onchain. We will be rolling out intimate events to attract founders, operators and investors working in the African crypto space to discuss, brainstorm and provide insights on topics such as 'The next evolution of DAOs in Africa' and 'Stablecoins, US regulation & Africa'.

We have already hosted our first event bringing together over 60 local founders, investors and senior operators in Nairobi including the likes of the Global Head of Dev Advocacy at Polygon, Senior members of Celo Foundation, Binance Africa, investors including from Emurgo and founders of notable crypto projects such as Nestcoin, Lazerpay & UTU.

Sounds amazing right? Join us on our journey!

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Demystifying African crypto with data, written content & intimate events


Passionate about African tech & localisation in web3
Demystifying the African Crypto Story and liberating the siloed knowledge about the African Web3 Ecosystem enabling both local and foreign investors, founders and operators to make more informed decisions about Web3 in Africa.